Special Dates Approaching

Another great day at the Market this week, so thank you to the vendors and to all the fine people who joined us.

Two dates to keep in mind for July:

July 12th will be Kids Day at the Market.  You definitely will not want to miss that day if you are a parent . . . and . . .

July 19th is Senior Day at the Market.  We look forward to seeing many of our more experienced citizens on that day.

New vendor last week, another one this coming week, the Market is growing and we want you to be a part of this exciting growth. Won’t you join us?  Wednesday, July 5th, from 10-2.

And from our family to yours, Happy 4th of July!  Be safe!


native to: China or Armenia
in season here: June to early July

Apricots, Prunus armenaica, are closely related to plums (more distantly, they join plums, peaches, and apples as relatives of the rose). They may have originally come from India or China and were certainly present in ancient Greece and Rome, but the general scientific consensus these days is that they came from Armenia. They were brought to Virginia in 1720, but didn’t do all that well until they arrived in California in 1792, where the climate was much more suitable. Here in Washington State, of course, we think of them as being from Yakima and Wenatchee, and may even associate them with Cotlets. It’s easy to tell if an apricot is reasonably local and delicious or has been picked green and imported hundreds or thousand of miles: the better an apricot smells, the more flavor it has. The essential oil from apricot pits is sold as bitter almond oil (just like almond extract is actually made from peach pits).

Apricots are one of summer’s earliest fruits and provide plenty of beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin C, copper, and potassium. Their flavonoids and other polyphenols have been linked to heart health, and their carotenoids and xanthophylls are thought to protect vision. They are also a good source of catechins, an anti-inflammatory most commonly associated with green tea. They support bone health, with all the necessary minerals needed to grow bones and prevent osteoporosis. They’ve been used to treat digestive complaints, earaches, fever, skin problems, respiratory problems, cancer, and anemia (with what success, my superficial research doesn’t mention). Apricot oil is used on strained muscles and wounds.

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Have Lunch With Us at the Market

Seriously, now, is there a better place to have a Wednesday lunch than at the Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market?

Live music every Wednesday . . . fresh fruits and veggies . . . BBQ . . . vegan dishes . . . checking out the crafts displays . . . feeling a sense of community . . . you can have it all from 10-2 every Wednesday at the corner of Israel Road and Capitol Way.

The welcome mat is always out for you.  Come join us!

Another New Vendor Added

We are proud to announce another new vendor.

Say hello and give a hearty welcome to Fina’s Salsa!

Fina’s Salsa is owned and operated by Josefina Pilon, a resident of Olympia since 1977.  Cooking is Pilon’s passion, and that passion is readily apparent in her authentic, unique Mexican-flavored salsa.

Fina’s Salsa is just one more reason why you should stop by the Market this next Wednesday from 10-2.  We are adding vendors, growing in size, and we would love to have you join us.

Spiced cherries

Spiced cherries

The Royal Anne is the cherry that gives the best results in spicing. Put the cherries into a stone jar or porcelain pan. Heat one quart of good cider vinegar with two coffee cups of sugar; put into a muslin bag one teaspoon each of various spices, heat with the vinegar and sugar to the boiling point, then pour over the cherries and let stand over night. Repeat this a second time. Then put the cherries in glass bottles or jars, heat the vinegar a third time, pour over and seal. Fine with meats. Prunes are good spiced by this recipe, but the skins of the prunes must be pricked with a fork to prevent bursting.

From: Jennings, Linda Deziah (compiler), Washington women’s cook book. The Washington Equal Suffrage Association, 1908.

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Versión en español: this post is also available in Spanish.
Esperanta traduko: this post is also available in Esperanto, because Dana is a language geek.

What’s Happening at the Market Tomorrow?

Tumwater Farmers Market

It’s Tuesday and that means it’s time to tell you what you can expect at the Market tomorrow.  We sure do hope to see you sometime between 10-2 at the corner of Israel Road and Capitol Way.  We’ve saved a seat for you.

Here’s what our vendors want you to know about tomorrow:

Wishing Willow Farm….veggie starts, sunflower sprouts, and other goodies

Vue Farm….beautify your home or office with some dazzling floral displays

Stoney Plains….strawberries are in, and CSAs available

Starry Lane Apiary….a new unscente soap with honey from her own hives

South Bay BBQ….tasty treat, anyone?

Sassy Seafood….our newest vendor offers Albacore tuna new flavor, Smoked Jalapeno

RP Guerrero Farm….Rainier cheries, apples, asparagus, pears, and more

Rawk Star Creations….gluten-free delicious lunch, or grab dinner so you don’t have to cook that night.

Nana Kathy’s….new herbal cheese bread made from Chevre from Lost Peacock Creamery

Lost Peacock Creamery….four standards each week including always-popular Thai Garlic Chevre

Johnson’s Berry Farm….fresh berries for sure as well as Raspberry Habanero Jam with cream cheese…put it on crackers, ice cream, in Greek yogurt, or as a glaze.

Handcrafted by George….20% off sale on all homemade wood products

GemStone Knobs….one-of-a-kind exquisite items made by Madelyn.

Dragon’s Choice Meats….breakfast sausage, ground pork, and frozen chicken.

Claddagh Coldbrew….fresh, clean taste, a mood enhancer, tastes like no coffee you have ever tried.

Blooming Artichoke….homegrown catnip in adorable cotton pillows for your feline friend…so cute!

Bags and More….gift bags and tags for any gift you can get at the market.

Music provided this week by Mykel Gable, warm and delightful.

So, are we going to see you tomorrow? We sure hope so!

Supporting Local Farmers

The title says it all: supporting local farmers!

The Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market is determined to support our local farmers, and by doing so we are promoting sustainable living and community.  That is our goal and we will continue to work towards that goal.

In today’s world, we believe a strong, connected, interactive community is vital.  We also believe that knowing where your food comes from, supporting those who grow locally and naturally, all of these things help to form a community that gains strength from each of its individual parts.

We believe that the Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market is crucial for the City of Tumwater, and we hope you believe that as well and will support our local farmers by visiting us on Wednesdays from 10-2.