Great Items for Sale This Wednesday

Here are just a few of the great items being offered this Wednesday at the Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market:

Vue Farm …….Peonies are here!

Stoney Plains…..CSA’s for sale

South Bay BBQ….brisket is for lunch!

RP Guerrero….Asparagus and Walla Walla onions are ready

Nana Kathy’s….now offering free range chicken and duck eggs.

Lost Peacock Creamery….Greek goat yogurt to die for!

Living Greens….Spicy microgreens like fenugreek, radish, and clover

GemStone Knobs….jewelry for your home, fondue and appetizer forks, boxes, plaques, custom cabinetry knobs, and lamp finials.

Dragon’s Choice Meats….pork steaks, ground beef, pasture-raise chickens.

Claddagh Coldbrew….wash down lunch and get some afternoon energy with divine tasting coldbrew coffee.

Bags and More….gift bags and tags, making it easy to purchase all you need for gift-giving right at the market.

Music this week by Wishing Willow Farm’s own daughter, Eva!  Eva is a long-time improviser who lets her heart take her fingers and voice to new places celebrating the human spirit.