Our Promise To You

When we began this farmers market, our goal was to provide locally-grown and produced vegetables, fruits, and products.  We set out to provide items you would not find at other markets, items which are produced using sustainable practices, items which are produced in concert with the environment.

We did not set out to sell the cheapest products available.  We did not care about mass production, and we did not care about products made outside the State of Washington.  We wanted, and we still want, our market to be a showcase for local products.

From the farm to your table…or, as Sassy Seafood likes to say, from their boat to your belly.  We believe in community, and we believe the roots of any healthy community can be found in the philosophy of locally-grown and locally-produced.

Obviously, from the reception we have gotten, many citizens feel the same way.

So our promise to you is that we will continue with our philosophy.  We will continue to concentrate on the local community, and bring you natural and organic products you can eat and use with a sense of well-being.