Thank You!

We had a blast and we hope you did too.

Thank you customers! Thank you sponsors!  Thank you vendors, and thank you volunteers!

A farmers market does not happen by accident.  It happens because a group of people, like-minded people, come together, roll up their sleeves, and put in hours of hard work.

We think the hard work paid off.  We hope you agree!

See you in 2018!

This Is It!

Farewells are always bittersweet, and tomorrow will be no exception.

We say goodbye for the 2017 season tomorrow.

You know who our vendors are, and by now you know what we sell.

So we’ll just say we hope to see you tomorrow, from 10-2, on the last day of the Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market.  It’s been one heck of a season and we want to thank you in person.

And if you have any suggestions for next year’s market, please stop by the info booth and let us now your ideas.

The Season Is Nearly Over

Two weeks to go!

What began in April is nearly at an end, and I know I speak for our vendors when I say it’s been a great season and we are very, very grateful for your patronage.

We checked with our vendors and here’s what you can expect this Wednesday:

Bags N More…..1/2 off on specific shopping bags

Blooming Artichoke…..great teas and herbs

Charm of Finches…..more of the tasty sourdough bread

Claddagh Cold Brew…..floats and our distinctive, delicious coffee

Fina’s Salsa…..the best salsa in the area, from our kitchen to your table

GemStone Knobs…..trinkets for the holidays, ID lanyards, new finials

Lost Peacock Creamery… Chevre in town, can be frozen up to one year

Nana Kathy’s…..cinnamon rolls to die for

P’Zazz…..early holiday shopping ideas, jewelry for anyone for any occasion

RawkStar… won’t find better-tasting healthy food

RP Guerrero…..fresh harvest fruits and veggies

SouthBay BBQ…..making your tummy happy all summer long

Starry Lane…..honey and assorted bee products

Stoney Plains…..we bring healthy back to your daily meals

Vue Farms…..a touch of color on a gray fall day

Wishing Willow Farm…..good things come in small plants

The Market Is Open Through September

Open through September which means three more weeks, including tomorrow, the 13th of September.

Our vendors are looking forward to seeing you at the Market.  Here’s what they have lined up for you at their booths:

Bags n More…..rainbow colored gift bags marked down to $3 each

Blooming Artichoke….if you are into herbs and herbal teas then you can get into the Blooming Artichoke

Charm of Finches…..not your run-of-the-mill bakery, but a bakery for health-conscious folks

Claddagh Cold Brew…..changing the way people look at coffee

GemStone Knobs… is the time to shop for holiday gifts, and we have some unique ones for your shopping adventure

Lost Peacock Creamery…..did you know our Chevre can be frozen for up to a year? Stock up for the winter on great cheeses!

P’Zazz…..accessorize with style

RawkStar…..smoothies and healthy meals for those interested in living longer

Guerrero Farm…..from our family to yours, healthy veggies and fruits, delivered with love

SouthBay BBQ…..if you can find a better lunch meal you probably should go there and not here, but you won’t!

Sassy Seafood…’re running out of time to buy the best Albacore tuna in western Washington

Starry Lane Apiary…..our bees work hard so you can eat good

Stony Plains…..your family deserves the best in local produce

Vue Farms…..providing color to a black and white world

Wishing Willow Farm…..big things come in small packages, and our mini greens prove that point.

See you all tomorrow, 10-2, the corner of Israel and Capitol Way!

Inviting You To Our Weekly Party

That’s what we consider the Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market, you know, a party where community is fostered and friends gather.  If you haven’t joined us yet, you have four more Wednesdays to do so.

Here’s what is waiting for you this Wednesday from 10-2.

Bags and More…..rainbow colored gift bags market down….$3 each

Blooming Artichoke…..herbs, herbal tea, and hand-crafted items for the upcoming holiday season

Charm of Finches Bakery…..healthy sourdough bread

Claddagh Cold Brew… damned coffee to be found

GemStone Knobs…..Gifts for the holidays, new treasure boxes, hand-painted coasters, finials

Peacock Creamery…..Find out just how tasty goat cheese can be

P’Zazz… for every occasion, the perfect accessories

RawkStar…..when healthy eating is important, RawkStar is the name to look for

Guerrero…..only the best in fruits and vegetables

SouthBay BBQ…..your tummy will be oh-so-pleased with what we cook up

Starry Lane Apiary…..friendly and happy bees produce the tastiest honey

Stoney Plains…..Locally grown produce for your families

Vue Farms…..As fall approaches, we continue to add a touch of summer color to your homes

Wishing Willow Farm…..micro-greens are the latest rage and we have the best

A Word About Community

There are bigger farmers markets in the area.  No doubt about that!

But we like our market, and there is one very important reason for that:

We are a community!

Come visit us some Wednesday.  The vendors know the customers’ names. The customers know the vendors’ names.  Customers are more than just sales to our vendors, and vendors are more than just product to our customers.

And we think that is very cool, and we think that makes the Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market very special.

We are a community!

Won’t you join us?