What is the Tumwater Market Dance Club?

In keeping with the generally informal tone of the market, the Tumwater Market Dance Club is a fancy name for a simple concept: take a mid-week dance break. No charter, no dues, no sign-up forms, no roll-call, no time limit; just show up and dance.

The rules:
1. Start dancing when you feel like it; stop when you’re done.
2. Dance alone, with a partner, or in a group.
3. Make room for other dancers. Don’t make fun of them, no matter how strangely they dance.
4. Let shoppers get to the vendors, even if they aren’t dancing.
5. Tip the musician(s) if and when you can afford it.
6. Wear clothes (hats and shoes are optional, but see rule 7).
7. All dancing is at your own risk, of course.

While you can dance anywhere in the market, those dancing in the area in front of the band will have the best chance of meeting other Club members.

Any time the market is open, there is the potential for an informal meeting, but the first official meeting will be during the Harvest Festival on the 30th of Sept. There may be an order/interest form for official Dance Club merchandise (I’m thinking buttons…) or a sign-up for a possible separate newsletter at the market booth, but don’t be disappointed if we don’t quite get it together.

Music for the remaining markets includes:
16th: Scuff and Al
23: undecided
30th: Ham and Cheese

The second official meeting will be on opening day, 2016, when we’d like to have a group of Tumwater Market Dancers in the parade, shopping bags in hand. Watch this blog and the market newsletter for details.

The Tumwater Market Dance Club: fierce competitor for the title of Least Organized Organization in Washington!

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