Our Promise To You

When we began this farmers market, our goal was to provide locally-grown and produced vegetables, fruits, and products.  We set out to provide items you would not find at other markets, items which are produced using sustainable practices, items which are produced in concert with the environment.

We did not set out to sell the cheapest products available.  We did not care about mass production, and we did not care about products made outside the State of Washington.  We wanted, and we still want, our market to be a showcase for local products.

From the farm to your table…or, as Sassy Seafood likes to say, from their boat to your belly.  We believe in community, and we believe the roots of any healthy community can be found in the philosophy of locally-grown and locally-produced.

Obviously, from the reception we have gotten, many citizens feel the same way.

So our promise to you is that we will continue with our philosophy.  We will continue to concentrate on the local community, and bring you natural and organic products you can eat and use with a sense of well-being.

A Huge Thank You!

Just a short post to thank all of the people who braved the heat yesterday to join us at the Market.  You are all greatly appreciated!

The Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market is held every Wednesday no matter the weather, and we would love to have you join us next Wednesday, and every Wednesday, through September.

Again, thank you!

Greetings to Charm of Finches Bakery

We have a new vendor at the Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market, and based on early returns, it looks like Tumwater residents really like Charm of Finches Bakery.

Charm of Finches Bakery provides delicious, good for your body, whole food and wild fermented baked products to the Olympia area. They are currently selling Sourdough Teff Bread with all gluten-free ingredients at the Market this summer.

The secret to delicious, gluten-free bread was passed down in a recipe by a monk at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery.  That recipe was modified for sourdough bread by Finches owner, and the results are available every Wednesday at our Market.

Just one more reason why the Tumwater Farmers Market should be part of every Wednesday’s schedule.

“Unique” Is Our Middle Name

Tumwater Farmers Market

We’re going out on a limb right now; we are going to make a statement we feel is 100% accurate, a statement you need to take notice of . . .

At the Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market, you will find items for sale you won’t find at any other farmers market in the area . . . not Olympia, not West Olympia, not Yelm, and not Centralia . . . truly unique items for sale, grown or made by local farmers and artisans.

Where else will you find spicy red mustard microgreens, grown by Living Greens?

Where else will you find Tai Garlic Goat Cheese, made by Lost Peacock Creamery, or quail eggs?

We are proud of the collection of vendors we have at the Tumwater Market.  We are proud of the family atmosphere and close-knit community.  We love the fact that our vendors know many of their customers’ names.

We are small but mighty, and growing.

Spread the word.  Vendors, spread the word on your websites.  Customers, spread the word to your relatives and friends.

The Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market is on the rise, and we are only going to get better in the months to come.


Hooray for Our Vendors

There is no doubt about it, we have some of the best vendors you are going to find at a farmers market.  We may be small but we are mighty!

Thank you, vendors, for all that you do to make the Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market such a success. Thank you Bags, Sassy, Blooming Artichoke, Claddagh, Dragon’s, Fina’s, Gemstone, Johnson’s, Living Green, Nana, Lost Peacock, RP Guerrero, RawkStar, South Bay BBQ, and Vue….we couldn’t do this without your tireless efforts and great products.

A Huge Thank You!

Man alive, Kids’ Day far-exceeded our wildest dreams, and we have all of you to thank for it.  Great job vendors!  Great job face-painters, and great job parents for bringing so many kids to our event.  We are already excited about Kids’ Day for next year.

But first we have to turn our attention to Seniors’ Day, which will be next Wednesday, the 19th.  More information to follow, so stay tuned!

Spread the word!  The Tumwater Town Center Farmer’s Market is becoming a community affair, and it is an exciting thing to witness!

Again thank you and great job!

More About Tomorrow

Okay, we’re back, with more information about our vendors and what they have going on tomorrow, the 12th, on Kids’ Day…..

Gemstone Knobs…..news treasure boxes coming in.  Talk to Madelyn if you have special requests; she loves the challenge of creating.

Johnson’s Berry Farm…..red and golden raspberries.

Living Greens…..pea shoots, juicy, crunchy, delicious free pea flavor

Lost Peacock Creamery…..Honey Vanilla Chevre, two for $10

RP Guerrero Farm…..hoping for the arrival of delicious peaches

Rawk Star Creations…..cool and nutritious smoothies

South Bay Barbecue…..hot dogs for Kids’ Day

Vue Farm…..Gerber Daisies, Yarrow, Lillies, and Crocosmias to brighten up your day.

Please come join us!  Bring your children and grandchildren…..KIDS’ DAY AT THE MARKET!