Saluting Local Farms

In 1870, 50% of the United States workers were involved in farming.

Today it is 2%.

Today, 2.2 million Americans work on farms, the average farm is 460 acres in size.

2.2 million Americans doing the work to feed over 350 million Americans and countless foreign countries.  The average income for a farmhand in 2009 was just over $9 per hour.

Where would we be without them?

Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market salutes the local farmers of Thurston County.

You are appreciated!

What’s Happening at the Market 8-16-17

Here’s what you’ll find at the Market tomorrow from 10-2:

Bags and More….rainbow colored gift bags on sale; say “I love you” in a colorful way

Blooming Artichoke…..plant sale this Wednesday; it’s never too late to grow something beautiful.

Charm of Finches….the best gluten-free sourdough bread in town

Claddagh Cold Brew… may think you know coffee, but until you try Cold Brew, you’ve just been pretending

Fina’s Salsa…..chips and salsa, just in time for the start of football season

Gemstone Knobs…..lamps, finials, add a touch of class to your home

Lost Peacock Creamery…..if you can find better Chevre then buy it; we don’t think you can

Nana Kathy’s… none, the best little bakery in Thurston County, literally from Kathy’s kitchen to your mouth

P’Zazz… that makes a statement about who you are

RawkStar…..when healthy is important to you, then RawkStar is the place to eat

RP Guerrero…..peaches, Bartlett Pears, potatoes, straight from the ground and branch to your table

Sassy Seafood….family-owned boat and processing in Westport, from boat to belly, great Albacore

Southbay BBQ…..we stop your stomach from rumbling with mouthwatering goodness

Starry Lanes Apiary…..fresh honey, produced with love by our own bees

Stoney Plains…..know your farmer, know your health; we provide the best in veggies

Vue Farms…..what do we bring to you? Color and smiles in the form of flowers

Wishing Willow Farms…..we are small but mighty, overflowing with healthy green alternatives.

The Heat Is Gone; Won’t You Join Us?

I think I speak for everyone, vendors and customers alike, in saying it is a blessed relief to see the hot temperatures move on. Two straight Market days with temps over ninety was just a bit much for us all.

So the weather forecast calling for temps in the 70’s this coming Wednesday is welcomed news indeed.

We would love to see everyone come out this coming Wednesday and share in the community experience that is Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market.  This is harvest time, and the Market will of course feature the freshest produce and fruits you can find, all grown with loving care, all natural, and all healthy.

We have a covered area where you can have a bite to eat and enjoy the lunchtime music, and we have craftspeople with their wares, fresh honey, the best cheeses in the area, and much, much more.

Wednesday, 10-2, at the corner of Israel and Capitol Way.

On Tap For Tomorrow, August 9th

Here’s what our vendors are promising for the market tomorrow, August 9th:

Fina’s Salsa…..go ahead, try and find a better homemade salsa…we dare you…salsa lovingly made in our kitchen.

Gemstone… treasure boxes and new lamps with coordinating finials

Johnson Berry Farm…..from our vines to your mouth, local mouth-watering berries

Lost Peacock Creamery…..there is only one market in Thurston County that carries our cheeses, and that is Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market.  Buy two for $10!

Nana Kathy’s Baked Goods…..thank you for the donations for my new mixer.  Free mini-cupcakes at the market for as long as they last.

P’Zazz…..hand-crafted jewelry for those who deserve the very best

RP Guerrero…..we grow them, we truck them, an we sell them, from our family to yours

RawkStar….best smoothies in town, a taste-quencher per excellence!

Sassy Seafood…..we catch them, we process them, we can them,and we sell them, best Albacore Tuna, from boat to belly.

Southbay BBQ…..pulled pork sandwiches, anyone?  Make your tummies happy!

Starry Lanes Apiary…..the honey is ready for sale!!!!! Thank you bees!

Stoney Plains…..if locally-grown veggies are your things, then we are your next stop.

Vue Farms…..colorful cut flowers to brighten up your work week.

Hope to see you all tomorrow, 10-2, corner of Israel and Capitol Way

Our Promise To You

When we began this farmers market, our goal was to provide locally-grown and produced vegetables, fruits, and products.  We set out to provide items you would not find at other markets, items which are produced using sustainable practices, items which are produced in concert with the environment.

We did not set out to sell the cheapest products available.  We did not care about mass production, and we did not care about products made outside the State of Washington.  We wanted, and we still want, our market to be a showcase for local products.

From the farm to your table…or, as Sassy Seafood likes to say, from their boat to your belly.  We believe in community, and we believe the roots of any healthy community can be found in the philosophy of locally-grown and locally-produced.

Obviously, from the reception we have gotten, many citizens feel the same way.

So our promise to you is that we will continue with our philosophy.  We will continue to concentrate on the local community, and bring you natural and organic products you can eat and use with a sense of well-being.

A Huge Thank You!

Just a short post to thank all of the people who braved the heat yesterday to join us at the Market.  You are all greatly appreciated!

The Tumwater Town Center Farmers Market is held every Wednesday no matter the weather, and we would love to have you join us next Wednesday, and every Wednesday, through September.

Again, thank you!

What’s Happening at the Market Tomorrow

Here’s what you can expect at the Market this week, besides hot weather:

Blooming Artichoke…..the very best in herbs

Charm of Finches…..more of their delicious gluten-free sourdough bread

Fina’s Salsa…..if there is a better salsa in Thurston  County we don’t know what it would be

Gemstone Knobs… finials, lamps, and boxes

Johnson’s Berry Farm…..make your own smoothies from the freshest berries in town

Living Greens…..microgreens for a tasty summer salad on a hot evening

Lost Peacock Creamery…..the only market in town where you can get Thai Garlic Chevre

Nana Kathy’s…..the mixer has arrived; come see the wonders Kathy has waiting for you

P’zazz…..handcrafted jewelry for any occasion

RP Guerrero…..fresh produce from their farm to your table

RawkStar…..seriously good-tasting smoothies to beat the heat

Sassy Seafood…..the best tuna in the state and that ain’t no empty boast

SouthBay BBQ…..if you like grilled pork then you’ll love SouthBay

Starry Lane…..honey, honey products, fresh from the bee to your table

Stoney Plains…..everything you need for a tasty salad

Vue Farms…..Dahlias and Sunflowers to brighten up your home or office

Wishing Willow… produce, when healthy is important for your family